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KOTONA Yoga & Retreats

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Yoga Classes

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Dorfstr. 60 3906 Saas-Fee

Friday 18:00 - 19:15 - Hatha Yoga
Saturday 9:30 - 11:00 - Vinyasa Yoga
Sunday 17:00 - 18:30 - Yin Yoga

Yoga Class



Level A, B & C

In the Level A course, I will introduce you to the individual asanas (yoga postures).


In the Level B course, we specify your learned asanas and increase the level of difficulty.


In the Level C course you start to hold the asanas longer and connect them with the energetic Ujjayi breathing.


Level B & C

In the Vinyasa course we vary different asanas so that a harmonious and creative flow of movement sequences develops.


In the Level B course I will introduce you to the dynamics of Vinyasa and we will specify your asanas. You will also learn how to connect energetic Ujjayi breathing with dynamic flow. ​


In the Level C course we go deeper into the dynamic flow and increase the level of difficulty of the asanas.


Level C

At Kundalini we focus on harmonizing the connection of subtle and solid matter. The focus is on the philosophical Kundalini teachings, meditation, pranayama and selected asanas. ​

This course penetrates very deeply into the spiritual teachings, so it is advisable to have previous knowledge.

Private Class

The Power of alignment

In our yoga classes, we make sure that you perform the yoga postures correctly so that you get the full power of each asana.

Feedback Alessandro Boyens

"In 2019 I hurt my patella ligament. Marja-Liisa showed me great Asanas that helped me a lot through my injury phase.
Although I already completely healed, I still include the Asanas into my daily training. "

Alessandro Boyens, Professional Snowboarder

A Journey


For me, yoga is a journey through multi-faceted levels of consciousness. Man as a being is a wisdom that cannot be expressed in words, but through deeds, decisions, ways of life and curiosity... Whoever explores himself, explores the world and much more - namely his own origin of being and existence. Get to know yourself in a way you never thought it was possible before and let yourself be enchanted by the being you are...


- Marja-Liisa -


our Vision

We think big and have a vision of creating a world to help people expanding their consciousness, improving their health and reducing stress.



Marja-Liisa Alexandra Maier

+41 77 504 68 25



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